Getting Started

Any recommendations for the trial?

We recommend starting out with one of the templates available if you will trial SuperDOM Series or Limit Order Visualizer. Its the easiest way to get started. We also recommend reading our documentation as it provides descriptions for the options.

Any special requirements?

No. But we do require that your Windows is somewhat updated, at least since 18-04-2019, because we require .NET Framework 4.8 . This is in line with NinjaTrader's release. Most updated machines will already have .NET Framework 4.8 installed via windows update. Read more.

How Long Are The Free Trials?

Trials have a duration of 10 days from the moment you first license them to run. Each will require a separate licensing process - this way you might want to trial them sequentially or all at once.  We provide you with the possibility to test it without any restrictions.

Are Trials Different From The Non-Trial Version?

No, the trials are equal to the paid versions. In fact when you purchase a Add-on you are really purchasing a license to use the Add-on beyond the trial period.

Is There Support During The Trial Period?

Yes, we have a support section where you can explore all possibilities during the trial period – Support Documentation. If you want to clear any questions you can also send us an email referencing the add-on you need support.

Installation Steps :
  1. Download the setup files to want to trial;
  2. Close NinjaTrader;
  3. Browse to the setup file and start the installation;
  4. After successfully installing, start NinjaTrader;
  5. You will be prompted with the  Licensing Registration window for the specific add-on screen during the first initialization of the add-on to register your machine;
  6. Fill out the form and submit your trial request;
  7. Once licensing has been established you are ready to start your trial!
SuperDOM Series easy installation

SuperDOM Series

SuperDOM Series ships with Templates (Available Templates)for  SuperDOM Series and you set up a SuperDOM Series under 30 Seconds:
  1. Control Center → New → SuperDOM
  2. Right Click
  3. Select Templates - Load
  4. Select any of the Templates under the SuperDOM Series folder

Sounds: You will find sounds for your SuperDOM Series at Documents/Trading OrderFlow/ SuperDOM Series/ Sounds.

10 MB
November 16, 2022
File Type:

Limit Order Visualizer

Limit Order Visualizer will show in your Chart Indicators in the folder Trading OrderFlow.

Limit Order Visualizer ships with pre-made Templates. You can set up a chart for Limit Order Visualizer in 20 seconds:

  1. Right-click on the chart
  2. Select Templates-Load
  3. Select any of the Templates under Limit Order Visualizer
5 MB
July 6, 2022
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OrderFlow Speed

OrderFlow Speed will show in your Chart Indicators in the folder Trading OrderFlow.

Setup Orderflow Speed in under 30 seconds with tick Replay. If you see OrderFlow Speed only updating in Real-Time you need to enable Tick Replay Option via the Data Series window. If you don't see a Tick Replay box in your Data Series window there please see this: NinjaTrader Tick Replay to enable Tick Replay.

Sounds: You can find sounds for your OrderFlow Speed at Documents/Trading OrderFlow/ OrderFlow Speed/ Sounds.

6 MB
December 1, 2021
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The VWAP Pack will be shown in your Chart Indicators in the folder Trading OrderFlow.

Setup VWAP Pack in under 20 seconds.

Additionally, the VWAP Pack ships with a  Market Analyzer Template that you can find when loading a Market Analyzer Template.
4 MB
December 1, 2021
File Type:

On some rare occasions, you might need to update your .NET Framework version. If you encounter the following error: "Unable to retrieve type info for NinjaTrader.NinjaScript.AddOnBase ...",

  1. Please visit: Download .NET Framework 4.8 (Microsoft website);
  2. Download from the link above;
  3. Close NinjaTrader;
  4. Run the installer from .NET Framework 4.8;
  5. Restart your machine;

The .NET Framework 4.8 was released on 18 of April 2019. Most updated machines since Windows 8.1 have this component already installed. Nevertheless, if you encounter this error please follow the steps above.