OrderFlow Speed - Changelog


Version 3.0.8 (20.07.2021)

License Management:
  • Improved the way to get Boot Device ID and GPU ID;

Version 3.0.8 (11.03.2021)

License Management:
  • Optimized email validation flow;
  • Expanded validation checks for future options;

Version 3.0.7 (16.02.2021)

  • Fixed: When Label property was not set to any string value the name of the indicator would not show on the indicator list.

Version 3.0.6 (01.02.2021)

  • Fixed: User drawings would disappear when stretching the chart or indicator pane.
  • Fixed: Issue with the partial rendering of OrderFlow Speed bars when using 4K monitors and DPI scaling up to 175%.

Version 3.0.5 (19.11.2020)

License Management:
  • New License Code algorithm. Increased stability for generating the License Code.
  • New, cleaner UI for Licensing Window.

Version 3.0.4 (26.08.2020)

  • Fixed: Below plot would be cut off on monitors with the option Scale and Layout set to 200% Scaling.
  • Fixed: When changing Visual  Data Series properties on the charts (e.g. Center on Price Scale) the dots would reappear on the OFS panel instead of the chart.
  • Improved Licensing Log.

Version 3.0.3 (26.05.2020)

  • Fixed High DPI issue when using below plot (negative values).

Version 3.0.2 (02.03.2020)

  • Fixed issue where Cumulative Mode and Reconstruct turned on didn't create render and threw an out of range error.
  • Added more sound files ( All sound files are stored in Documents/Trading OrderFlow/OrderFlow Speed/Sounds).
  • Improved Properties Naming- This will break any templates that have OrderFlow Speed. The solution is to re-add the indicator.

Version 3.0.1  (26.02.2020)

  • Added Delta Momentum Mode. This mode acts like its name and will keep adding Delta values until we get a different Delta Velocity.
  • Fixed missing Candle Body Color and Candle Outline when Delta was zero. If Color Bars option is turned on and Delta value is zero the bar will now display with the color of the Zero Line;
  • Fixed Dot position on non-time based chart types. Before was displaying at the price level where the last divergence occurred within the bar due to the real-time updates;
  • Added a more verbose debug output to OnMarketData;

Version 3 (24.02.2020)

  • Added ability to show/hide data retrieved from Tick Replay vs Real-Time Data.
  • Added Highlights and Alerts for Large OrderFlow Speed values for Delta mode.
  • Added Bar Divergence (negative and positive) for Delta mode. with options to set minimum Delta Speed and minimum bar range.
  • Added Sounds files for the Alerts.
  • Added  Session Cumulative mode.
  • Added new Installer with Updater feature for easy updates.

Version 2.0 (27.02.2019)

  • Performance improvements
  • Added Filtering with the option for reconstructing trades

Version 1.0 (05.11.2018)

  • Initial Release