QuantSpark Technology is now Trading OrderFlow

During August we have rebranded QuantSpark Technology to Trading OrderFlow. We now welcome you into our new domain and brand. At this point, you might have some questions. We will try to clear them.

Why the Change?

During August we decided to change the brand to better reflect our offering and domain.  Plus we also want to offer a better online experience and we added some more information to the website as well as a revised appearance. 

I'm a client. Do I need to do something?

No. No action is required. But please let us know if if you spotted something not working.

Does this have a transition period?

Yes, we have covered the initial change. We will now port some of the backend until the end of September 2019.

I'm a client. Does this impact my license?

No, not at all. All licenses are stored at NinjaTrader Licensing Server. No impact whatsoever.

The indicators still show QST in my NinjaTrader.

Yes, all Add-Ons branding and name changes will occur as we release newer versions of the Add-Ons. This is part of our migration.

Still have questions?

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