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SuperDOM Series

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Limit Order Visualizer

View the orderbook and liquidity shifts.


OrderFlow Speed

View trading and volume momentum right in your chart


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  1. Daniel Cheong (verified owner)

    I wished that I had known about the Add-On developed by "Trading OrderFlow" when I started a live trading account with NinjaTrader (NT). Whilst the tools and platform from NT were good, it was soon quite clear that they were not sufficient.

    I did not want to get Jigsaw and the others - though they were very good products too - BUT, I also did not want to pay monthly subscriptions above all other charges as well. And being already with NT, the Super Bundle Pack was a completely great Add-On to my NT8 and the world of trading became very different. Super much improved.

    The learning journey - again - on new tools was a complete vertical climb. But Helder is great and patient with helping me learn and understand how to use the different aspects of the SuperDOM Series, the Limit Order Visualiser and the Order Flow Speed.

    The SuperDOM Series - there are a few "ready made" templates that you can choose from. And from there, I could add columns to suit my needs. And best of all, I could turn the "Depth" column into a trading Ladder (just like the NT8 Dynamic SuperDOM. And by doing so, the entire Add-On does not drain my PC resources coz I have ALOT of opened charts too. Also, the SuperDOM Series offers alot of flexibility in how you want to configure each column.

    The Limit Order Visualiser - I definitely like using this one. It makes trading alot easier looking at it than staring at the SuperDOM (just pure numbers moving at lightning speed). And again, there are "read made" templates as well and customizable too.

    The Order Flow Speed - I'm still learning how to use this effectively but it's a "Nice To Have" Add-On.

    The support from Trading OrderFlow has been excellent from my 10-days Trial and even after buying the bundle. Many thanks to Helder for great help in getting me started with the bundle. EXCELLENT.

    My only regret is not having this bundle when I first started using NT8.

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