OrderFlow Speed

Monitor market speed, velocity and momentum
OrderFlow Speed - Best Orderflow Indicators for NinjaTrader

OrderFlow Speed


Deceptively simple the Orderflow Speed allows you to monitor market speed and enables you to view trading activity right in your chart. OrderFlow Speed has three modes: Total Speed, Buying Speed, Selling Speed and Delta Speed. It supports Tick Replay feature so that you can visualize historical trading activity.

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OrderFlow Speed is designed to provide you with information about the amount of volume that is traded during a particular moving time window. This information allows you to visualize signs of buying of selling exhaustion, for example. You can broadly and at a glance visualize increased trade activity.

OrderFlow Speed has three modes: Total Speed, Buying Speed, Selling Speed and Delta Speed. It supports Tick Replay feature so that you can visualize historical activity.

OrderFlow Speed also displays a moving average and the corresponding standard deviations, so that you can easily spot extreme values.

Works with every chart type and time-frame, although we recommend intraday time-frames.


Easily analyze the speed at which orders are being executed.

Great to spot divergences between price movements and participant’s volume entering the market.


Use ample filter settings to see different order sizes speed.

Reconstruct Trades

Enable to view larger orders that were split as you apply filters.

Tick Replay

Get historical OrderFlow Speed data by enabling Tick Replay on your charts.

Delta Momentum

Quickly see what is the OrderFlow Speed Momentum.

Cumulative Mode

View the cumulative OrderFlow Speed of the Session.


Display divergence between bar and OrderFlow Speed.


Unlike a speedometer, that will tell you only the current market speed. OrderFlow Speed presents to you the historical market trades, market speed, and market velocity data. You will easily be able to visualize how the current market speed and velocity compares and relates to previous speed values. A speedometer on itself will not be able to provide the possibility to spot divergences as they require more data and a stretch of historical traded volume values.

With OrderFlow Speed you will intuitively see what side as been overwhelming the other side and if there is a clear market direction and commitment or there is no active participation.

Velocity is defined as a vector measurement of the rate and direction of motion. OrderFlow Speed a market velocity measure when set to Delta mode as it will provide a direction and not only a rate measurement of executed trades. Combine it with the Momentum option and you will see how participation and effort are evolving and enfolding.

OrderFlow Speed allows for an exhaustive volume filtering option along with the possibility to reconstruct the trades when filtering.
Want to compare different session speeds and velocities? It's possible by using the Cumulative mode. You will be able to research and session-based velocity and market speed.
Importantly, OrderFlow Speed will allow you to also display a per-bar divergence to visualize inconsistent bar movement versus market velocity. It is also a great tool to identify market continuation, as a participation gauge, or exhaustion, as participation diminishes.
OrderFlow Speed displays similarly like a sound wave measuring the frequency at trades come into the market. OrderFlow Speed comes with great visuals, employing transparency and distinct colors for extreme values.

Monitor the speed of or velocity of the market. See if price movements are supported by trading activity and volume.
Various Data Modes
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Delta Momentum
Divergence Algo
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Reconstructed Trades
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  1. Alden (verified owner)

    A Unique piece of technology that adds a powerful tool to a good traders existing toolbox. AL

  2. Sholom (verified owner)

    Useful tool to identify reversal points

  3. Keith Mccall (verified owner)

    I like to use it with the filters applied and see where momentum starts and stops

  4. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love what you did with the transparency and the colors. Whish you had some templates thought.

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    Great support, fast response. open mind about future updates.

  6. Scott Bauer (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says. Good price

  7. Aydin (verified owner)

    Very usefull to see momentum of the orderflow. Thanks

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