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About us


Trading OrderFlow™ is a brand registered trademark of QuantSpark® Technology LDA established in 2017.

At Trading OrderFlow by QuantSpark® Technology, we specialize in developing custom tools for our clients as well as commercializing our own set of add-ons and indicators dedicated for NinjaTrader® 8 and focused on orderflow analysis.

we are and have been part of the NinjaTrader® Ecosystem since May 2018. We are also featured in NinjaTrader’s webinars → OrderFlow Fundamentals with the SuperDOM Series.

by QuantSpark


We value every individual, encourage their development and uphold their rights and dignity.

Customer Commitement

We deliver awesome service that gives great value to our clients and keep their enthusiasm.


We strive to keep our creativity on and always innovate for the benefit of our customers.

Team Work

We work together supporting each other to ensure the company and our customers moving forward.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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